Since our formation in Autumn 2001, our commitment to continual improvement has led us to recognise the value of entering choral competitions. Here is our record, with adjudication summaries:

Krakow International Choir Festival, Poland, 2019

Wessex participated in the 10th International Krakow Choir Festival, together with choirs from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania, USA, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Norway, England, and Wales.

Male Voice Choir Class - First Place

Senior Choir Class - First Place

Cheltenham Competitive Festival 2018

Male Voice Choir Class - First Place (90%)

"Well executed and shaped. A convincing climax showed us that you have a solid range (bravo for those top C’s!) Beautifully moving - Well done."
"Gorgeous, connected singing and well controlled. Beautiful ending."
"El Fusilado (final piece): This needs to be adopted by the whole MVC fraternity ! A stunning recital. HUGE congratulations. Excellent accompaniment too."

Sacred Music (open) - Second Place (89%)

"Thrilling. Superbly executed, especially the final verse in welsh. Gripping stuff."
"This TTBB version of 'Lux Aurumque' is a first for me. Amazing sustained G# at end (solo/s) You did a fabulous job of this ever so difficult piece. Congratulations"

Wessex Camerata, open choir class - Third Place (88%)

"You create a very fine sound which is well balanced and blended. Your sense of flow within the phrases and rhythmic precision was commendable. Nice to see you using the whole stage."
"Your overall performance was very controlled and stylish and expertly directed. Huge congratulations!"

2018 Mid-Somerset Choral Festival, Bath

Male Choir Competition - First Place

“Very stylistic in approach”. Excellent diction and tuning”
“Good chording and balance was well judged. Beautifully shaped and full of emotion, showing good understanding of the piece. Well done”

Popular/Show Song “open” class - First Place

“Excellent diction and a tender opening. Terrific key change and dynamic shading here and a powerful ending. Well disciplined singing”
“Great attention to the dynamic palette and a great finale”

Sacred Song “open” Class - First Place

“Solid and Stately opening. Lovely legato line. Excellent Welsh”
“Excellent tuning and really effective dynamic treatment. Phrasing was excellent. Very atmospheric and emotive. Well done indeed!”

Wessex Camerata, Vocal Ensemble Class - Distinction

“Sprightly rendition and sung with lots of understanding”
“Tuning is excellent and there is superior control. A performance of real clarity”

2017 Cornwall International Choral Festival

Male Choir Class - Fourth Place

“Good attention to detail in the score. An arousing start with some bold dynamic and energy contrasts”
“A lovely atmosphere was created here and commendable observance in the markings of the score. We especially liked the flow through the long phrases and the well balanced sound and chording. This was a very commendable performance indeed”.
“Some beautiful singing from this choir”

2016 Cheltenham Competitive Festival - Gold Cup Winners

Male Choir Class - First Place

"The simplicity and ease with how you engage your audience is outstanding"
"...the energy in delivery was superb throughout"
"...dramatic contrasts and colours that were thrilling"

Show Tunes category - First Place

"Lovely ease of communication... beautiful singing with great warmth"

2016 Mid-Somerset Choral Festival, Bath

Male Choir Competition - First Place

"One of the finest male choirs I have heard in a very long time" - Jeffrey Wynn Davies, Adjudicator

Show Tunes category - Second Place

2014 North Wales Choral Festival, Llandudno

Male Choir Competition - Third Place

2013 Cheltenham Competitive Festival - Gold Cup Winners

Male Choir Class - First Place

"Your performance was marvellously effective, and balance between the parts finely judged. The choral tone was soft-grained throughout and the intonation very secure with all modulations managed effortlessly. This was choral singing of the highest order - Bravo!"
"The choir is so well disciplined, and the shading and expressive tone is a credit to your conductor, who has weaved you into this amazing machine capable of tremendous huge or sensitive sounds."

Chamber Choir Class - A.N. Price Challenge Cup Winners

"A beautifully disciplined performance which was musically conceived with considerable musical integrity. You followed all the composer's wishes to the full."

2013 Mid-Somerset Choral Festival, Bath

Male Choir Competition - First Place

"A serene quality of sound."
"A very good performance overall."

2011 International Musical Eisteddfod, Llangollen

Male Choir Competition - First Place

"A very comfortable, smooth, clean choral sound, without force; consistent and disciplined... very effective... very secure and musical performance."

Chamber Choir Competition - Third Place

"You have good range of colour, good blend, and a natural sense of ensemble and rhythm"

2011 Cheltenham Competitive Festival

Male Choir Class - First Place

Chamber Choir Class - Second Place

2010 Bath Choral Festival

Male Voice Section - First Place

Chamber choir Section - First Place

2008 Jersey International Choral Festival - Winners (Male Choir competition)

Wessex won the Male Choir class at the 2008 Jersey International Choral Festival

2008 Cheltenham Choral Festival - Gold Cup Winners

Wessex won three classes in the 2008 Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts, plus the coveted Gold Cup for the outstanding choir of the festival.

2006 International Musical Eisteddfod, Llangollen - Second Place

"An exciting and attractive performance, with good balance and quality, producing a gorgeous sound with great control and a demonstration of a real love of singing"
Wessex also achieved the highest mark out of all the UK Male Choirs in 2006 at Llangollen.

2006 Bath Choral Festival

Male Voice Section - First Place

"Very good choir ! You rose to the challenges in your first piece with a strong, vibrant performance... fine vowel projection and diction with successful chording...well done !"
"Rhythm was first class and blend again impressive"

Sacred Music Section - First Place

"Diction was very good as was blend and balance...plenty of vigour. First class ensemble and dynamic shading"

2004 International Musical Eisteddfod, Llangollen - Third Place

"Very fresh, lively sound, good atmosphere, clear lines, effects well shaped, good control. Crisp rhythm... very correct singing with good blend and understanding"

2003 Cheltenham Choral Festival - First place

"The choir sang with precision and skill. Every detail was totally unanimous, compelling and performed with great energy"